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Do you have an entrepreneurial idea and want to know how to make it a reality?


The advice and support resources already available in the town must be taken into account. What is more, it is important to remember that, often, young people over the age of 18 have not yet finished their studies, do not know what area of work they want to/can go into, are not interested in entrepreneurship or have never considered it, or do not know what the SSE is and what opportunities it can offer. To respond to this reality and the need of NEET’s (Not Employ, Education or Training), we have designed a programme that aims to stimulate their interest in social entrepreneurship called COOPERATIVISE!

It is a program to support the creation of cooperatives for young people, offering them counseling and advice services. This advice also aims to work on transversal skills, to promote the individual and collective commitment and responsibility of young peolpe with the social, economic and digital challenges of the city of Mataró.

The pedagogical and intervention model of this program is mainly based on putting young people at the heart of the project and promoting their autonomy, giving them tools to self-organize and self-manage their work, encouraging their commitment and responsibility, also facilitating the acquisition of new learning and new personal skills (management, social, personal and work) based on their own abilities and cooperative learning.