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The program we have designed consists of a training phase and a practical phase where participants receive, over four months, accompanied and advised so that they know the values ​​of the social economy and how these principles can help to make of his idea an innovative business project.The training phase consists of five dimensions:
  • Contextual dimension: state of the Social and Solidarity Economy in the territory, constitution of cooperatives, statutes, human resources,...
  • Relational dimension: work group, internal organization ...
  • Formal dimension: The rules, the statutes, the internal regulations, the evaluation tools that must manage the cooperative.
  • Economic and commercial dimension: CANVAS Model, market study and commercial support sessions (depending on the service to which the cooperative has decided to dedicate).
  • Communicative dimension: the trainings are combined with visits to cooperative and community projects and environments and with the development of their cooperative.
The practical phase consists of putting into operation, in a fictitious way, the cooperative project that the young people have chosen by consensus. Therefore, they will be able to put into practice in a real way everything they have learned in the training phase and manage a cooperative, learn the day to day management of a business project and solve problems that may arise while selling the product or service they have chosen. During this phase, they will have the support of social educators but also members of the Local Committee (CL).The CL is made up of representatives of 6-8 entities, organizations and companies that represent the territorial, youth and solidarity economy of our city. The main task of CL members will be to mentor and support the cooperative with whatever they may need in their learning process. This involves a wide variety of issues, which will need to be adjusted according to the entities that make up the CL. Some examples are: support in detecting needs; support with program dissemination and search for participants; promote contacts with other companies and entities that may need to develop; possibility of training in a specific field ...

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